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We perform market research — quantitative and qualitative — of target audiences and analysis of the audience of mass media (rating target, affinity index, segmentation and intersection of the audience)

We monitor advertising campaigns against all performance criteria — budgets, selected efficiency parameters etc.

We elaborate elements for the marketing komplex and for positoning

We elaborate creative concepts (scripts, visual key images, slogans, texts)

We test the options for positioning and creative concepts

We create and produce all advertising materials including: TV spots, POS materials, exterior advertisement, printing layout)

We plan and place advertising in the federal and regional mass media, taking into account all efficiency parameters (Reach (n+) TRP, GRP, Affinity Index, CPP)

We will also typically perform a full de-briefing with each client after their campaign has ended

Some of our clients:

AMD (computers; press, OOH, regional TV placement)

Berlin-Chemie (pharmaceutics; regional TV placement)

ZIL (transport; regional TV placement)

Triumph (underthings; regional TV placement)

Ozon (cosmetology; creative, production)

Caparol (paint; regional TV placement)

Uniastrum bank (banks; regional TV placement)

BOSCH-SIEMENS (household appliances; regional TV placement)

Haribo (fruit candy; creative, regional TV placement)

Contact us:

+7 (495) 642-9527
Srednyaya Pereyaslavskaya Ul. 13, Bldg. 2, Moscow, 129110
E-mail: adpoint@adpoint.ru
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